Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A New Semester

    The spring semester has officially commenced here at RPI. We've been as busy as ever here at Rensselaer Formula Hybrid as we transition from the designing portion of our project, to the building part. I want to first share with you some photos that were taken just before winter break during one of our testing sessions. This particular day was great fun and ended up being a wonderful team building activity as well.

    You'll begin by seeing us inching through hallways and down stair cases, holding the car up ourselves. This is the only way we can get the car in and out of our shop. It's crazy, but we always seem to orchestrate it just right.

    Next, you'll see the car as we prep it for a run.

    Soon after the test day, we all went home for the holiday break. One of the projects that was still in the works, even though classes were not in session, was the chassis. Over the break we received a box filled with laser cut tubes from Cartesian Tube Profiling, which would need to be welded together into a finished chassis.

    Over the past few weeks, our mechanical team leaders have been hard at work jigging, tacking, and welding the chassis together. It is still not entirely complete, but in the photos below, you will be able to see a fairly complete cockpit area.

    Thanks for checking in Hybrid fans. Visit us again for an update in the near future.