Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Impact Attenuator, Upright and Motor Mount Progress

 This week we made quite a bit of progress. 

 The mount for the AGNI 95r electric motor we're running is finished being designed. FYI for those of you who are interested in using this motor - the mechanical drawing is wrong on their website. Specifically, the bolt pattern is a 196mm diameter circle, instead of 194mm. The lever arm you see is a tension mechanism for the final drive.

Miles and I spent some time last Friday testing impact attenuator - or in Layman's terms, the bumper. Plascore was generous enough to sell us some attenuator material, which is made of 3003 aluminum honeycomb. It's great at absorbing energy at a constant force. We tested the material's strength against displacement in RPI's concrete testing Instron machine.

Here you can see the localized compression of the cells. 

 I was able to get some work done on the jig for the uprights tonight as well. 

Taylor and Joe cranked out a lot of parts this weekend! We've got to keep this momentum up if we're going to finish the car in 4 weeks like we plan to.

Until next time...

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