Friday, July 18, 2014

Go-Kart Testing Day

July 5:

The incoming freshmen better be ready, because their kart is amped to go, fuzzy dice and all. Pictured below, the crack Formula Hybrid summer team got the fast mover up and running in preparation of NRB, where incoming students will have to orient not only themselves, but an entire race kart, from the frame up.

Starting from the morning, the kart was carefully looked over and evaluated by our own Jordan Yamada and Chris Lamplough. After asserting that it would not spontaneously combust (when handled by freshmen), Jordan and Chris found the worn wheels warranted work. The best solution, they found, was a simple mint chocolate chip shake, fresh from the auto section of our local hardware store.

Once returned from a lunch, they were joined by their fellow engineer Ben Mizera, to help restore the tires to their former functionality. Firstly, the forward wheels were fed a filling helping of their favorite slime, pumped to pressure, and spun for good measure. Then the rear wheels, after a brief fight with an axle, where given the same treatment, with only a gentle application of brute force. Once the wheels where placed, pumped and pacified, the performance pedigree of a kart was rolled outside…

Where she purred. The crash course crash kart careened up and into north lot, piloted by Chris, to help the wheels fully digest the slime they had just ingested. And before the eyes of the team, God, and a Public Safety Officer, the kart not only failed to explode, but turned and burned (rubber) as demonstrated by Jordan in his trial run.

Now with the kart fully operational, all that is left to do for the Formula Hybrid summer team is a nice afternoon with a few mint chocolate chip milkshakes
(Tire leak repair fluid).

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