Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Feeling the Buurn

It's been very busy in the shop recently. We've worked a lot on a timeline and calendar to keep us on track, and our goal is still to drive the Blue Heron for the first time this year on March 2nd (and every other weekend thereafter). We'll be driving it on North Lot on campus, so thankfully we don't need a trailer. However RPI is requiring us to have Fire Extinguisher Training, so they've set up a class for us next week. We'll let you know how much they can teach us in a hour about fire extinguishers...

Anyways, many parts have been ordered recently, including a backup motor controller, and a lot of parts are being waterjet cut. Everybody has been working on individual projects and it's great watching all the subsystems come together into a complete race car.

Dresdan welding the gas tank designed by Kyle
Today during our task meeting our new polos came in! Which meant a great photo shoot opportunity....
Just look at these guys.

Andy got cut out but I swear he was there!

We've also gotten a couple new members this semester, including Sanju (far right) who is joining Alex on the composites team, as well as Rusty (third from right) who is working on the steering column.

All in all, it's a great time to be in Rensselaer Formula Hybrid

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  1. And Scicchitano is back this semester too (far left), as well as Ricky (not in photo)!