Friday, February 8, 2013

Pedal Box and Other Progress

Things are going pretty well for us this season so far.  We have made much progress on the car and the first iteration is on track to be ready for testing by March 2nd.  Despite all of the good things that have carried over from last year, we hit some snags this year with rules that were changed from 2012.

The most pressing rule change was the addition of legs to the PERCY driver template as well as a rule stating that cars will not be able to run if PERCY doesn't fit.  Our previous pedal box did not provide enough legroom to fit PERCY, so a redesign was necessary.

On the pedal box for this year, the master cylinders are oriented in front of the pedals, instead of the conventional layout of behind the pedals.  This was done to move the pedal faces forward toward the front bulkhead as far as possible and provide the most legroom possible with our chassis.

The box and pedals are constructed entirely out of 14 gauge cold rolled steel that has been cut on the RPI water jet and TIG welded into box frame shapes.  This allows for a stiff, lightweight design that complies with all Formula Hybrid Competition rules.

Each pedal features adjustable positive stops to tune the pedal travel for optimum operation and driver feedback. The throttle travel and rest position can be adjusted for optimum heel-toe placement.

This current box is about a half pound lighter than the box from last year, and most importantly, it allows us to fit PERCY and pass technical inspection.

In other news, we received an exciting new shipment last night.  Our new engine came in!  We can now have one engine on the engine dyno for tuning and EFI testing purposes and one to use in the car for dynamic testing.

And, speaking of EFI testing, we now have our ECOTRONS EFI system working and running properly.  With a new wiring harness and some diagnostics and troubleshooting, we were able to fix a few issues that we had last year.  We plan to use this setup on our March 2nd test date.  Look for updates coming soon as projects are completed and subsystems are installed.

Dave Golden

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