Monday, April 8, 2013

Field Trip

With competition in 3 weeks, we've been incredible busy. This last weekend, we were able to cool down a bit, and a few of us went to Team Manager Taylor's house in CT to paint the chassis. His father, Vinny of Accurate Auto Repair, offered to paint for us in his garage, and it turned out great!
First though, we had to dissemble the car, weld on all final mounting tabs, and strip the paint. It's easy to forget how many bolts it takes to hold a car together.
President Sam and His Gnarly Rear Suspension
Race Car mostly dissembled. 
Diff Tabs

Cool heat effects in the new bellcrank supports

Stripped and ready

 Before and after pictures

Just look at it! Fresh.
Ready for the ride back in Dave's truck

A lot of progress has been made in other areas too.
We've hooked up a new ECU and we're able to talk to it. It's a Performance Electronics 1 donated to us by the FSAE team.
Exhast flange welded and connected to turbo

Intercooler and routing for the turbo has been connected
New placement of radiator and intercooler

Coming up, tomorrow we are going down to Ecovative Design to use their innovative product to "grow" us a seat our of a mycelium and corn biocomposite.

In other news, Raloid Tool Company Incorporated has agreed to manufacture the differential for us. This is great news because it will finally finish our drive-train for the year. Delivery date is April 19th, and I'll have plenty of pictures up.

This past week, we've had a lot of opportunities to work with people outside the team that have supported us. I want to take this time to say Thank you to all of our sponsors! Your contributions are incredibly helpful to the team, and we hope to honor that by performing well at competition. Thank you.

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