Saturday, April 27, 2013

Post Rollout, Pre Competition

After a brief scare that I lost my memory card with all these pictures, I'm happy to say Rollout was a lot of fun and really helped give us exposure to our colleagues and supporters. We were able to get our car in a ready-to-show state and during a beautiful afternoon, exhibited The Heron to all who walked by or wanted snacks.

Our awesome cockpit featuring bolsters grown by Ecovative Design.

Our race car wouldn't be possible without you!

Even though we were ready to show off our race car, there was still a bit more work to do to make it race ready. A year long effort to make a custom differential finally concluded after we picked up the two parts from Raloid Tool Inc.
The differential, made to hold gears from a Torsen University Special

The outer housing that seals the unit
First time assembly was tricky
But well worth it to see the differential finally assembled, here with the sprocket carriers

Drive train components

The Formula Hybrid International Competition is this week from April 29th to May 2nd at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway. Just in case you didn't know, admission is free. See you all there!


  1. Three Cheers for Raloid Tools Inc.

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